The use of concentric (shortening) & eccentric (lengthening) muscle actions are the most common functional muscle actions performed in resistance training exercise. It is important to understand that skeletal muscle can eccentrically lower a higher weight than it can c...

So often I walk into a gym and see fitness trainers doing ‘plyometric’ type activities with their clients… But usually, something doesn’t quite seem right about what they are doing. Yes, their client is working hard… but to what end? What is the purpose of this slow, p...

Muscles do what they do. Each has it's own function and action, and that's that. 

For example, the Gastrocnemius plantarflexes the ankle and flexes the knee.

The biceps will always flex the elbow and supinate the forearm.

The biceps femoris only flexes the hip and ex...

To learn a new movement or exercise will take a high level of concentration and clients will tire easily. Movements need to be broken down into their individual components and mastered before any element of motor skill progression is incorporated.

Motor skills include b...

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