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Exercise for Older Adults Resources

Course Induction

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Learner Assessment Record (LAR)

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Assessment Guidance

Guidance on how to complete each assessment within this qualification

Course Support

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Course Induction

You are now successfully enrolled on the YMCA Awards Level 3 Award in Exercise for Independently Active Older People.

This is an online/distance learning course, so includes elements of home study and online learning. 


You have up to 12 months to complete the course. Please see our policy on Course Fees & Timeframes for further information.

If you think you are exempt from completing any of the assessments please read through our Recognising Prior Achievement & Exemption Policy and contact us.


Please also familiarise yourself with our Booking TermsAppeals Procedure and Applying Reasonable Adjustments & Special Considerations Policy.

Course Units & Assessment Guidance

Unit 1 - Considerations for safe and effective exercise for independantly active, older adults

Assessment 1 - Multiple choice theory exam

This assessment is used to assess the knowledge required for the Considerations for Safe and Effective Exercise for Independently Active, Older Adults unit. Please use the course manual, extra resources, and mock exam (please see below) to prepare for this exam. It is a multiple choice exam set by YMCA Awards. The paper will comprise of 30 questions and the time allocated is 45 minutes. Each question will be worth 1 mark and you must achieve a minimum of 21 marks overall to pass (70%). This exam can be completed at any time throughout the 12-month period of your course.



Unit 2 - Plan and adapt exercise programmes for independently active, older adult

Assessment 2 - Written worksheet questions

Please use the course manual to prepare for this assessment. You will need to complete worksheet questions, which you can find in your Learner Assessment Record (LAR). Please ensure you answer every question in as much detail as possible and get in touch with your tutor if you have any questions at all. This workbook can be completed at any time over the duration of your 12 month course.

Assessment 3 - Case study and progressive programme

You are also required to complete the Case Study and design a programme for a client aged 70 years or older. This can be a family member, friend, neighbour etc. but please make sure your client is within your scope of practice before starting work on your case study. Contact your tutor, if you're not sure.

You must complete;

  • A pre-exercise health assessment (PARQ),

  • A case study: pre-exercise assessment and goal setting, to include pre-exercise functional assessments (five tests: timed up-and-go, hamstring flexibility, shoulder flexibility, 30-second timed chair rise, and a quality of life measure - EQ-5D, client profile and goal setting, client profile and goal setting.

  • Progressive programme to include: Week 1 detailed session plan and progressions for weeks 12 and 24.

You must complete the case study in full showing good knowledge, understanding and skills to satisfy the requirements of the unit. 

Course Resources

You will receive the following hard copy resources through the post:

YMCA Awards Adapting Exercise for Independently Active Older People manual 

YMCA Awards Level 3 Adapting Exercise for Independently Active Older People Learner Achievement Record (digital download can be found above)


Face-To-Face Theory Exams

Book to sit a theory exam at our centre in Telford

Your first exam sitting is free and then a £20 charge applies to resits.

Remote E-Proctored Theory Exams

Arrange to sit your theory exams from home using remote eProctoring invigilation

Remote exams are £20 including your first attempt. 

Please ensure you have familiarised yourself with our Assessment Policy for E-Proctored and Face-to-Face exams.

Submit Coursework for marking

Upon successful completion of all assessments, your assessor will confirm via email that you have passed your qualification. Quality assurance and certification can take up to 3 months. 

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