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Course Induction

You are now successfully enrolled on the YMCA Awards Level 3 Teaching Pilates course, which includes 6 attendance dates.

This is a blended learning course, so includes elements of home study and attendance to one of our practical workshops, which you selected when booking on the course. Attendance on all 6 workshop dates is essential to complete this qualification so if you miss a date you will need to transfer to the next course. Please let us know as soon as possible and at least 4 weeks prior to the first day, if the dates you originally booked are not suitable. Refer to our booking terms on alternations and transfers for details (point 5.4-5.6).

The workshop dates will usually run between 9.30am and 4.30pm on each day.


You have up to 12 months to complete the course. Please see our policy on Course Timeframes for further information.

Course Topics

  • Anatomy & physiology,

  • Client screening, goal setting, and risk stratification, 

  • Components, principles and variables of fitness,

  • Adapting for older adults (50+), young people (13-16years), antenatal/postnatal,

  • History of Pilates,

  • Qualities of a Pilates teacher,

  • Benefits of Pilates,

  • Principles and fundamentals of Pilates,

  • Breathing and core engagement concepts,

  • Performing and teaching the 34 original Pilates exercises along with modifications, progressions and regressions,

  • Using Pilates to reduce pain and if appropriate, correct postural abnormalities.

Course Units

Unit 1 Providing a positive customer experience in the exercise environment

  • Assessment 1 – Y-Mark online assessment workbook

Unit 2 Lifestyle management and health awareness

  • Assessment 2 – Y-Mark online assessment workbook


Unit 3 Applied anatomy & physiology

  • Assessment 3 – Multiple choice theory exam

  • Assessment 4 – Y-Mark online assessment workbook


Unit 4 Principles of planning and delivering group exercise

  • Assessment 5 – Worksheet questions

  • Assessment 7  - Progressive programme and viva

  • Assessment 8 - Session planning

  • Assessment 9 - Observation of teaching

  • Assessment 10 - Evaluation and reflection


Unit 5 Principles and fundamentals of Pilates

  • Assessment 6 – Worksheet questions

  • Assessment 9 - Observation of teaching

Unit 6 Plan and deliver a Pilates session

  • Assessment 7  - Progressive programme and viva

  • Assessment 8 - Session planning

  • Assessment 9 - Observation of teaching

  • Assessment 10 - Evaluation and reflection

OPTIONAL Unit 7 Anatomy and physiology for exercise and fitness instructors

If you don't have any previous anatomy and physiology knowledge or have not achieved an anatomy & physiology unit within the past 3 years, we will recommend that students complete this optional unit.

  • Assessment 11 – Multiple choice theory exam

  • Assessment 12 – Y-Mark online assessment workbook

Course Resources

You will receive the following hard copy manuals through the post:

  • Principles of planning and delivering group exercise for Unit 4

  • Level 3 Pilates for 5 and 6

You will also receive/get access to the following resources:

  • ​You will have access to online elearning for Units 1-3 and if relevant, the optional Unit 7 if you have requested it. Please use this elearning, any course manuals and the below presentations to prepare for your assessments for these units. Please note that you have access to your elearning modules for 300 days, although you have a full 12 months to complete all the assessments within this qualification.

  • Presentation handouts, which are downloadable below,

  • Learning Assessment Record (LAR) which is downloadable above, which includes all worksheet questions and templates for your observations,

  • Online access to the Y-Mark online assessment work for Assessment 1, 2, 4 and 12 (you will receive the login for this within 5 working days),


  • Mock exams for the Unit 3 and 7 exam, which are available to download below,


Assessment Guidance

Y-Mark online assessment workbook for Assessment 1, 2, 4 and 12

You can complete this at anytime during your course. Here is the link to access this online workbook - You need to score 100% on each workbook, but you do get unlimited attempts and you can use your course materials to help you. Please let your assessor know, once you have completed them so your results can be recorded.

Assessment 3

This is your Applied Anatomy & Physiology multiple choice theory exam. You have the opportunity to complete this exam on the last attendance date, but your revision can start straight away using your course materials and additional resources below. The exam includes 20 questions to be completed within 30 minutes. To pass, 70% (14 marks) is required.

Assessment 5

This assessment involves completion of an "open-book" written worksheet questions, which can be found in the Learner Assessment Record (LAR).

Assessment 6

This assessment involves completion of an "open-book" written worksheet questions, which can be found in the Learner Assessment Record (LAR).

Assessment 7

This assessment involves completion of a 12-week progressive programme, including a client profile, goal setting, 12 week programme outline, session planning and viva assessment. You will need to use a real, apparently healthy adult aged 16+. The goals of this individual can include:

  • general health

  • posture

  • fitness (mobility, balance, strength)

  • appearance

  • psychological eg, to reduce stress

  • performance eg, sport-specific

  • social

  • functional ability

Assessment 8

For this assessment you will plan a Pilates session for a group of participants which you will deliver for assessment 9.

Assessment 9

For this assessment, you will deliver a Pilates session for a group (minimum 6) of participants. You will deliver the session plan you completed for assessment 8.

Assessment 10

This assessment includes an evaluation and reflection of the session you planned and delivered for assessmetn 8 and 9.

Presentation Handouts

Please use these handouts as you see fit. Print them out, read them, make notes on them, use them as a starting point to undertake your own extra research. You can use them in conjunction with the elearning modules, so maybe have these handouts printed to make notes on as you work through the online modules.

Providing a Positive Customer Experience

Customer Engagement

Customer Needs and Expectations

Operative and Legislative Procedures

Preparing the Customer Environment

Principles of Customer Service

Processes to Support a Health and Fitness Business


Risks and Hazards

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

Lifestyle and Health Awareness Management

Healthy Eating

Healthy Lifestyle Promotion

Supporting Clients to Adhere to Physical Activity

Principles of Planning and Delivering Group Exercise

Collecting Client Information

Applied Anatomy & Physiology

Posture and Core Stability

Musculoskeletal System

Joints and Joint Actions

Muscles of the Shoulder Girdle

Muscles of the Shoulder Joint

Muscles of the Shoulder Joint Rotator Cuff

Muscles of the Arm

Muscles of the Vertebral Column

Anterior Abdominal Wall Muscles

Muscles of the Pelvic Girdle and Hip Joint

Muscles of the Upper Leg

Muscles of the Lower Leg

Effects of Exercise on the Musculoskeletal System

Structure and Function of the Cardio-Respiratory System

Blood Pressure

Nervous System

Muscle Contraction

Endocrine System

Energy Systems

Anatomy & Physiology for Exercise & Fitness Instructors (Optional unit)

Anatomical Terminology

Skeletal System


Muscular System

Anterior Muscles

Posterior Muscles

Life Course of the Musculoskeletal System

Circulatory System

Digestive System

Energy Systems

Nervous System

Respiratory System



Arrange to sit your theory exam from home using Proctored Exam software

Please note: there will be an opportunity for you to complete all exams during the attendance dates.

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