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Level 3 Supporting Participation in Physical Activity: Older Adults


£250 or £125 deposit


3 to 12 months

About the Course

The YMCA Awards Level 3 Award in Supporting Participation in Physical Activity: Older Adults will provide you with the knowledge to support health ageing through the engagement with physical activity and exercise. This includes building knowledge of other services available to support the diverse health and wellbeing needs of the ageing population.

Our flexible courses can be started upon enrolment, so you can get started straight away! This qualification also awards 10 CIMSPA points.

Payment Plan

To make your qualification more affordable, we offer a payment plan where you pay a non-refundable £125 deposit and choose to repay the balance, interest-free over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

What will I learn on the Level 3 Supporting Participation in Physical Activity: Older Adults?

What topics are covered on this course?
  • Understand ageing and the effects of the ageing process and inactivity on the anatomical and physiological systems,

  • Identify the guidelines and recommendations for ageing well,

  • Explain the benefits of physical activity, barriers, and motivators to exercise for older adults,

  • Know the risks and contraindications to exercise,

  • Understand guidelines for best practice when delivering physical activity and exercise with older adults,

  • Know how to screen and assess older adults prior to participation in physical activity and exercise,

  • Know how to plan and adapt exercise for older adults,

  • Be able to plan, deliver and review exercise sessions for older adults.

What will you be able to do upon successful completion?

This qualification will develop knowledge to plan and adapt exercise and physical activity to meet the diverse needs of older adults who are already active and health and those at early stages of transitioning/declining health.

Please note: To work with individuals at later stages declining health, multiple health conditioning, frailer older adults with mobility and functional limitations and/or risk of falling, then additional training and qualifications are recommended.

What is the entry requirements for this course?

A recognised Level 2 Gym Instructor or Level 2 Group Exercise/ Exercise to Music qualification.

Qualification Units

Unit 1 - Healthy ageing and role of physical activity and exercise

This unit develops your knowledge of the anatomical and physiological changes that occur in response to ageing and inactivity. It looks at the different stages of the ageing process and the role of physical activity and exercise to support healthy ageing. This unit also outlines scope of practice for exercise professionals working with teh older adult population.

Unit 2 - Programming and adapting exercise for older adults

This unit develops your knowledge that an exercise and fitness instructor will need to programme and adapt exercise and physical activity to meet the needs of adults who are healthy and active and those at early stages of transitioning to declining health. This unit looks at whether individuals need signposting to other services including different types of activity and exercise that may better support some needs, e.g. exercise referral services and falls prevention. This unit also looks at specific exercise and session structure adaptations and modifications required to support older adults, including adaptation of instructional and communicational skills to support participants needs.

Unit 3 (Optional) - Delivering exercise for older adults

You may also wish to complete this optional unit to demonstrate your delivery skills (especially if you aim to work with this population upon completion of the qualification).

This unit provides evidence that you have demonstrated the essential skills to deliver and adapt exercise for older adults in a real working environment. This includes adaptation of session structure and content appropriate to specific needs and stage of ageing. It also includes the modification of communication and instructional skills to meet participants needs.


The assessments you will complete as part of this qualification include:

  • Online workbook questions,

  • Completion of an information resources outlining the benefits of physical activity and exercise for older adults such as a poster, flyer, social media post, podcast, Facebook live video etc.,

  • A series of questions relating to three hypothetical case study clients.

The assessment for the optional unit, includes;

  • Submission of a video delivering a 30+ minute practical session (within your scope of practice) to a real older adult participant.

Study and Assessment Options
The Level 3 Exercise for Older Adults qualification is a DISTANCE LEARNING course, which involves study from home.

All coursework can be completed remotely and submitted to us digitally.

What course materials are provided for this course?
  • Course manual (hard copy),

  • Learner achievement record (assessment paperwork) available to download,

  • Access to a personal tutor who can be contacted via email or phone,

  • Access to our study support Facebook Group.

Your Instructor

Joanna Bentley

Joanna Bentley

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