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Fit4Training are firmly committed to the highest standards of professional practice, while respecting our legal and contractual obligations to all of our students, staff, partners, and industry regulators.

Listed below are a range of policy statements and procedures of which we recommend all current and potential students become familiar with.

In the event that you require further information or clarification on any of the policy statements or procedures, please feel free to get in touch.

For current students - If you wish to access any specific guidance on your course assessments and/or access your learning materials, please visit your course resources page. You would have received this within your induction email at the start of your course.

Booking Terms & Conditions

Additional Fees & Course Timeframes

Appeals Procedure

Reasonable Adjustment & Special Consideration Policy

Recognising Prior Achievement & Exemption Policy

Assessment Policy for Face-To-Face &
E-Proctored Exams

Book an E-Proctored Remote Exam (and Guidance)

Book a Face-To-Face Exam

Use of Video Evidence for Practical Assessments Policy & Procedure

Video Assessment Guidance

Submit Coursework

Book a Practical Re-Assessment

Order a Certificate Re-Print

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