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Video Practical Assessment Guidelines

A recording must be available in digital format via a PRIVATE You Tube video (click here for guidance on uploading a video to YouTube).


The recording must be accompanied by details your full name, date of birth, date of assessment, and clearly marked stating the unit or qualification title.


The recording must contain footage of the assessment only, which must commence at the beginning of the recording.


The assessment must be shot in one take. We will not be able to assess the evidence if the recording contains edits and you will be instructed to make a further, unedited record.


Yourself and your client/participant(s) must be in camera shot throughout the entire recording.


You must be clearly heard at all times throughout the recording. If it is difficult to hear your instructions, you will be asked to make a further recording.


Any comments made by the client should also be clearly audible at all times.


The assessment must be conducted in a suitable environment (for example a commercial health and fitness centre). If the venue is deemed to be unsuitable by the assessor, you must be asked to identify an appropriate environment and make a further recording. The location in which you are recording your evidence should always be agreed in advance with your assessor BEFORE filming.


A copy of the session plan(s) and PARQ/informed consent forms for all of the participants being filmed must accompany video assessment submissions.


A certified copy of any legally recognised form of photo identification (for example a driver’s licence or passport) must accompany the video submission.


The video content must cover the assessment criteria required in the unit/qualification assessment guidelines (please refer to assessment guidance and the appropriate observation checklist in your LAR).


You must contact your assessor prior to filming your session should you not be sure of the criteria you will be assessed against.


Use of video conferencing platforms: Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and similar systems can be used for the purposes of assessment of practical skills.


You must ensure you video evidence can be assessed by Fit4Training for 12 months following submission i.e. you must not delete your evidence during that time.

Uploading a Video to YouTube

Login in to YouTube

Click on video icon in the top right hand corner.


Select your video file from your computer.

Change the title of the video to include your name, the unit name and qualification name relating to the assessment.

Tick the box, "No, it's not made for kids".

Click next until you reach the VISIBILILTY section.

Click the box PRIVATE.

Click on the blue "Share Privately" icon and enter your assessor's email address.

Click SAVE.

Click on the three dots next to your video's thumbnail.

Click on "get shareable link" and submit to our coursework submission form.

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