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Become a Sports Massage Therapist

YMCA Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy

A Level 3 sports massage therapist’s role includes planning, providing and evaluating sports massage treatments. Treatments can be carried out for pre-, post- and inter-event, maintenance and restorative purposes, using a range of basic massage techniques. 
Scope of practice is restricted to working on dysfunctional tissue and excludes working on recent acute injuries or pre-existing conditions. This qualification is the pre-requisite to the Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy course where you can work with both uninjured and injured tissue and treat someone a lot closer to the acute phase.

Upon successful completion of this qualification, you will be eligible to take out a membership with a professional body such as The Association of Soft Tissue Therapists, The Sports Therapy Association, and Federation of Holistics Therapists. This qualification also awards 10 CIMSPA points.


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