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Course Induction

You are now successfully enrolled on the YMCA Awards Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing course.

This is an online/distance learning course, so includes elements of home study and online learning. 


You have up to 12 months to complete the course. Please see our policy on Course Fees & Timeframes for further information.

If you think you are exempt from completing any of the assessments please read through our Recognising Prior Achievement & Exemption Policy and contact us.


Please also familiarise yourself with our Booking TermsAppeals Procedure and Applying Reasonable Adjustments & Special Considerations Policy.

Course Topics

Anatomy & physiology

  • Circulatory system,

  • Respiratory system,

  • Anatomical terminology,

  • Skeletal system, joints,

  • Muscular system,

  • Digestive system,

  • Energy systems,

  • Implications for special populations,

  • Nervous system.


Providing a positive customer experience 

  • Customer needs and expectations,

  • Customer service,

  • Maintaining an exercise environment,

  • Professionalism,

  • Operative and legislative procedures,

  • Controlling risks,

  • Safeguarding and supporting a health and fitness business.


Lifestyle and health awareness management

  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle,

  • The importance of healthy eating,

  • Supporting clients to adhere to exercise.


Gym-based programme planning and preparation 

  • Adapting communication techniques when dealing with different client needs,

  • Conducting health assessments,

  • Setting goals with client information,

  • Planning a gym-based session including cardiovascular methods,

  • Resistance training,

  • Functional exercise,

  • Flexibility and motor skills.


Gym-based delivery and instruction 

  • Introducing individuals and groups to the gym environment,

  • Instructing gym-based sessions, 

  • Supervising clients in the gym.

Course Units

Unit 1 - Anatomy & physiology for exercise and fitness instructors

Assessment 1 - Multiple choice theory exam

Assessment 2 - Y-Mark online assessment workbook (accessible via elearning platform)



Unit 2 - Providing a positive customer experience in the exercise environment

Assessment 2 - Y-Mark online assessment workbook (accessible via elearning platform)



Unit 3 - Lifestyle and health awareness management

Assessment 2 - Y-Mark online assessment workbook (accessible via elearning platform)



Unit 4 - Gym-based programme delivery and preparation

Assessment 3 - Gym programme card,

Assessment 4 - Practical observation of gym-based exercises (video submission),

Assessment 6 - Case study,

Assessment 7 - Worksheet questions



Unit 5 - Gym-based programme delivery and professional instruction

Assessment 4 - Practical observation of gym-based exercises (video submission),

Assessment 5 - Observation of client consultation and end of course practical session gym-based exercises (video submission),

Course Resources

You will have access to online elearning for all modules of your course. Please use this and the below presentations to prepare for your assessments. Please note that you have access to your elearning modules for 300 days, although you have a full 12 months to complete all the assessment within this qualification.

We can also order hard copy manuals for all units if you'd like the content in that format. Please email Martin to order.

Other texts we recommend include:

The Concise Book of Muscles

The Fitness Instructor Handbook: A Complete Guide to Health and Fitness (Fitness Professionals)

Anatomy of Stretching

Assessment Guidance

Assessment 1

This assessment is a multiple choice theory exam covering Anatomy & Physiology. It is a 30 question paper, of which you need to score 21 as a minimum to pass. You can complete this at anytime during your course and you can book it using the links below.

Assessment 2

This assessment is a series of online workbooks of which you can access via the elearning platform. You need to score 100% on each section but you have unlimited attempts and can use your course materials to complete the questions. You can complete these workbooks at any point during your course.

DOWNLOAD GUIDANCE for Assessments 3-7

Additional Notes -
Lifestyle and Health Awareness Management