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Why you need to do THIS Level 4 qualification....

We are super-excited to announce the launch of our newest course;

Advanced Nutrition and Exercise for Obesity, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome.

This is an enhanced course with superior content, which is over and above that of a 'standard' level 4 qualification.

Obesity, diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome are health issues that are prevalent around the world. In fact, they are some of the major causes of premature death in developed countries, and they are also on the increase. For specialist exercise instructors to be able to develop intervention programmes for individuals at risk of any of these health issues, it is necessary for them to understand these conditions at a clinical level and for insurance purposes, complete this course.

This course aims to provide instructors with the clinical knowledge and understanding of the physiology and pathophysiology of the body systems involved in these conditions. It will also underpin the involvement of nutrition and physical activity, and the national guidance on the identification, assessment, prevention, and management of individuals with these health issues.

The programme includes the YMCA Awards Level 4 Weight Management for Individuals with Obesity, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome.

So what makes this an "Advanced" course?

Firstly, let me introduce to our course tutor, Nigel Penny.....


Nigel Penny, who is currently studying for a PhD in Applied Nutrition, has an MSc in Nutritional Therapy, is a BANT member and CNHC registered and practicing Nutritional Therapist. His specialist areas of interest include: anxiety and mood disorders, digestive health issues, cardiovascular health, endocrine disorders, and sports and exercise nutrition. Nigel has worked in Higher Education for over a decade. Most recently working as a Senior Lecturer in Applied Human Nutrition at a Birmingham based University and a Visiting Lecturer at a Worcester based University.

Nigel has vast experience in designing, developing and running education courses at all levels as well as an unrivalled passion for Nutritional Therapy and Personalised Nutrition. Nigel also worked for several years as a BANT (British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy) Director, and is a self-confessed 'nutrition nerd'.


This course incorporates the YMCA Level 4 Weight Managements for Individuals with Obesity, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome, but what makes this course unique and "advanced" are the two additional modules developed exclusively for this Fit4Training course.

The two additional modules are;

  • Physiology of obesity, diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome, and;

  • Nutrition for obesity, diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome.

The additional modules cover;

  • The physiological systems and pathophysiological mechanisms involved in obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome

  • Nutrition science and its involvement in obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome

  • Application of nutrition science in the prevention and management of obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

What else will you learn on this course?

The remaining modules are from the Level 4 Weight Management for Individual with Obesity, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome qualification. The content of these modules include;

  • Collecting client information and agreeing a set of goals

  • Design, review and adapt weight-management programmes

  • Encouraging long-term behaviour change

  • How obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome are linked with social issues, associated disease risk, disease states and available treatments

  • Impact of physical activity, how to manage risks, the important of building relationships with key individuals and how to help individuals to manage their weight

  • Deliver motivational weight management sessions for groups and individuals including 1-2-1 weigh ins, topical group discussions and physical activity.

You are assessed via a variety of assessments methods on this course in order for you to demonstrate full and comprehensive knowledge and understanding. Assessments include; written worksheets, assignments, exams and observations.

For further information on our new Advanced Nutrition and Exercise For Obesity, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome, please visit the course information page.

You can enrol on the course now by visiting our booking page.

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