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How to revise for your fitness exams.

With blended and e-learning courses proving to be ever more popular, we thought it may be useful to write a short article on how to effectively study towards your course and exams.

Revising for exam

1. Create STRUCTURE to your learning

  • Create a revision timetable and stick to it – plan it in to whatever diary you use!

  • Start with a small number of hours, then increase the hours weekly.

  • Develop a daily routine that leads to revision becoming a habit.

  • Take a 10 minute break for every hour of revision.

2. SUMMARISE your notes and manuals

  • Gather all of the information that you have collected during your course – your manual, lecture notes, presentations and anything else you have that is directly related to the course (some other sources may not have the same information).

  • Condense your notes.

  • Summarise the main points for the most important topics.

  • Try and display information in ways that will help you remember – draw flow diagrams, graphs and charts etc.

3. Be ACTIVE in your revision

  • Ask questions about what you are reading and research further (again, be aware that some other sources may have conflicting/different information as fitness is often not an ‘exact science’.

  • Discuss topics with other professionals, talk with your partner, friends and relatives – Use the Facebook ‘Fit4Training Study Support Group’.

  • Think about what you are reading and try to apply the principles to hypothetical or real clients.

4. APPLY your revision

  • Complete the mock exams.

  • Use the e-learning quizzes you have been provided with.

  • Create your own exams on topics you are not confident about.

We hope you find these tips useful for your revision!

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