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Reaching out to different types of client......

Qualifications exist in order for you to learn new skills and knowledge in order to progress your career and continually expand the offering of your fitness business. They don't exist purely so you can get a shiny new certificate to hang on your wall.

A huge role of a fitness professional is to get people active who may not have been motivated, or for whatever reason, unable to exercise before they met you! As an instructor, you may come across many clients and potential clients who have various barriers to participation.

However, YOU may also have barriers preventing you reaching out certain types of client?.......

  • Maybe a 14 year old wants to join your combat class?

  • An individual with severe osteoarthritis wants a personal trainer?

  • A pregnant lady wants to join your spinning class?

  • A local primary school has asked you to deliver a fitness session for their 5 and 6 years olds?

  • A lady is struggling with lower back pain and has asked you for your help?

  • An anxious Mum wants to lose her baby weight after having her baby 8 weeks ago?

  • A severely obese and diabetic lady has been told to start exercising but doesn't know where to start?

  • You've been asked to deliver some regular sessions for individuals with learning difficulties like Autism and/or Asperger's Syndrome?

  • There is a need for fitness sessions for those with visual/hearing impairments or more severe disabilities such as spinal cord injury or amputees in your area?

All these individuals require specialist advice when it comes to undertaking a regular regime of exercise and physical activity. This requires the skills of an appropriately trained fitness professional.

There is a huge market for you to build a niche fitness business and work with these special population groups. It can be so highly rewarding working with anyone who needs and benefits from your specialist help and support.

These qualifications are not to be taken lightly and you must keep your knowledge up to date and current following their completion. They exist so these population groups can put their trust in you. They need specific, safe and effective training to achieve their health and fitness goals.

For more information on any of the below REPs accredited qualifications, please click on the links or get in touch.

Level 2 Adapting Fitness for Adolescents

Level 3 Designing Pre/Postnatal Exercise Programmes

Level 3 Exercise Referral

Level 3 Exercise for Disabled Clients (coming early 2016)

Level 4 Lower Back Pain

Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes

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