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Fit4Training raise money for Cyclists Fighting Cancer.

This December, rather than running an offer leading up to Christmas, we will be donating 10% of every course booked to Cyclists Fighting Cancer. An amazing charity that provide a unique and highly effective way of helping kids with cancer through activity and exercise. They enable children and young people living with cancer across the UK to regain their physical fitness, strength and confidence by giving them new bikes, adapted trikes, tandems, other equipment and support.

Cyclists Fighting Cancer

"Exercise has been shown in numerous scientific studies to be the single most effective way of improving both physical and mental wellness for people surviving cancer."

Although the money will go to Cyclists Fighting Cancer, we are specifically raising money for a little boy and his family for Christmas...... We also have a Just Giving page set up to receive additional donations should anyone wish to donate.

Bikes donated to children suffering from cancer

Let us tell you a little more about 5 year old Tommy....

Tommy was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in October 2017, just before his 5th birthday. Since his treatment started he has been unable to walk without help and struggles with strength and balance. Tommy has always been a really active boy and loved enjoying the outdoors with his older brother and sister. Cancer has already limited his quality of life in the short time since his diagnosis and having a bike would help him physically and emotionally as it’s something he could do with his siblings out of the hospital environment.

Before Tommy’s diagnosis, the family had planned to buy all three children bikes for Christmas but having to travel 1.5 hours each way to hospital at least 3 times per week for treatment on top of extra childcare costs has depleted their Christmas budget. Bikes would have such a huge positive impact on Tommy, Katie and Harry and it would be lovely to be able to provide these as their Christmas presents after a tough couple of months.

The bikes donated will include a special lightweight bike for Tommy which will be much easier to ride and will help to rebuild some leg strength.

(Names changed for child protection purposes).

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. You can check out more of the fantastic work Cyclists Fighting Cancer do here.


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